• Download one of our kids activity sheets (COMING SOON!);
  • Create a rewards program for kids. After trying a new food, they get a special prize or a coupon/gift certificate to your restaurant.


  • Download and provide families dining with children our Kids Food Reboot Restaurant Patron Handout;
  • Share and promote your new and improved menu by using #KidsFoodReboot and on Healthy Dining Finder;
  • Educate your staff on the new kid’s menu and its healthy offerings, and encourage staff to recommend these new items.

robert wiedmaier - WASHINGTON, DC

Chef Owner, Marcel's ● Brasserie Beck ● Mussel Bar & Grille ● Wildwood Kitchen ● BRABO  in DC, MD and VA 

Father to Marcel (15) and Beck (11)

​"I know that it is entirely possible to raise children to be adventurous eaters who don’t fight ‘healthy foods.’ Kids aren’t born craving gummy worms! As parents, we play an important role to help our children make these healthy choices and be more open to new dishes and ingredients. I am teaching my sons that we have a responsibility to know the full circle of food, from what we sow, to harvest and eat."

Grilled Salmon with Potato Purée and Seasonal Vegetables (get the recipe here)

Mary sue milliken - los angeles, ca

Owner/Chef, Border Grill

Mother to Declan (23) and Kieran (16)

“When I started having kids, I really started taking note of what I was putting into their bodies (as well as mine) and so I made it my mission to eat organic, sustainable food that not only tastes good but is good for my family and the planet.”

Carne Asada Tacos with rice, beans, and fruit salad (get the recipe here)

Photo courtesy of Tuan Huynh

Submit your recipe

Recipe Submission and review process

​1. Choose a healthy adult menu item to offer young diners.

2. Prepare and portion the menu item utilizing the Recipe Guidelines below.

3. Send us your recipe so we can promote your participation!

Our in-house nutritionist will review to ensure it will be well suited to this campaign and support children's health while guiding parents and your peers to feed children more variety and interesting meals.

4. Review and approve the final recipe for our site; send us a quote and photo of the dish.

5. Print copies of our Restaurant Patron Handout for parents when they bring children to your restaurant, and to train staff about Kids Food Reboot and your new kids option(s).

Guidelines for Kids Food REboot REcipes

1. Serve 4 adults (equivalent to 2 adults & 3-4 kids)

2. Align with MyPlate, with portions appropriate for kids 4-8 years old.

3. Use ingredients and equipment that are accessible to home cooks (i.e. not require rare or expensive ingredients like truffles).

If you have any questions, reach out to Emily Baron, Campaign Manager, at

Chefs & Restaurants 

Photo courtesy of Robert Wiedmaier

Photo courtesy of Todd Gray


Owner/Chef Equinox Restaurant, Washington, D.C.

Father to Harrison (15)

Children begin their food rebellion at a young age - especially if they know we want them to be healthy eaters; so, I try to give them food that is good for them without letting them know it’s good for them!”

Grilled Polenta over Fall Ratatouille (get the recipe here)

Photo courtesy of David Guas

David guas - arlington, va

Chef/Owner - Bayou Bakery, Coffee Bar & Eatery

Father to Spencer (12) and Kemp (9)

“In my household, we have the two-bite rule. My two boys have to try two bites of whatever they’re served before deciding they don’t like it. Kids need guidance. They learn and follow from observation, and if parents are encouraging and supportive in the food department, chances are they’ll be comfortable branching out from the usual suspects of chicken nuggets and buttered noodles.”

Turkey Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash (get the recipe here)

Photo courtesy of Mary Sue Milliken

Chefs and restaurateurs, want to have your dishes featured on Kids Food Reboot? Share your recipes and pictures with us using the form below!

Shaun doty - atlanta, ga

Co-Owner/ Executive Chef, Bantam + Biddy, Chick-a-Biddy

Father to Dante (11) and Brick (5)

"It’s important to introduce children to healthy ingredients at a young age and use those ingredients to create dishes that are playful and fun in presentation. It will help inspire them to live a healthy lifestyle and realize that nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring.”

Roast Carolina Chicken with Green Grape and Toasted Quinoa Salad (get the recipe here)

How to get involved


Click here to meet all the chefs and restaurateurs that are taking action and rebooting kids food.