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Use #KidsFoodReboot and #FirstBiteChallenge to share your stories, recipes, and ideas!


Kids Food Reboot was initiated to support parents to expand our children’s exposure to delicious, healthful foods.  All it takes is the first bite!  But persuading children to take that first bite is challenging. So why not make this challenge something FUN to do?

What is the First Bite Challenge?  A child accepts a challenge from a friend or parent to take a leap and try their very first bite of a nourishing food that is new to them. No gummy bears or other candy, sweets or junk food allowed. Sorry. The challenge is captured in a short video and shared on social media.


  • a nourishing recipe prepared  at home or in a cooking class
  • a new dish in a restaurant (outside the scope of the ubiquitous "kids food" menus
  • a fruit or vegetable  never tasted before or not in a VERY long time 
  • something kids think they don’t like
  • something kids have grown in a school or their own garden 

What should the video and post include?

  1. Kids state the name of the food or recipe they are taking the 1st bite of.
  2. Name their friends they nominate to take the challenge next.
  3. Taste their first bite.
  4. Describe the taste in ONE word. (Get some great suggestions here)
  5. Post on YoutTube and other social media using the hashtags: #firstbitechallenge #kidsfoodreboot
  6. Tag the friends challenged! 

What happens next? We are not raising money or putting time limits on this challenge – we want this to continue for months. We want to watch the number of kids taking their first bite of something health-supporting and delicious GROW!

So how can we watch this challenge grow?  Come back to this space and our YouTube Channel - we will begin highlighting videos and tracking the success of this campaign measured by kids taking that first bite:

  • Highlights of and the number of YouTube and other videos posted
  • Number of views on YouTube
  • Growth in use of the hashtags #firstbitechallenge #kidsfoodreboot


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