Caribbean Salsa And Steamed Snapper
From Get Your Children Eating Right! A 30-Day Plan for Teaching Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits for Life

By Lynn Fredericks - Founder, FamilyCook Productions and 

Mercedes Sanchez, M.S., R.D. - Director of Nutrition Education, FamilyCook Productions

Prep Time: 40 minutes        

Cook Time: 5-10 minutes (for the fish)   

Makes 6 servings

This dish is a hit with kids because there is so much to chop—they love chopping—and it is so colorful and festive. The beans provide protein and iron, while the mango and vegetables impart plenty of fiber and an array of vitamins. It is an excellent accompaniment to fish or tortilla chips!

Ingredients for Caribbean Salsa:

1 14-ounce can     Black Beans

1 14-ounce can     Corn

1                            Mango, ripe

1 medium              Red Onion

2                            Plum Tomatoes

1                            Red Bell Pepper

1 bunch                 Cilantro, fresh

4                            Limes

6 Tablespoons       Pineapple juice, or to taste

                              Kosher salt, to taste

Ingredients for Snapper:

3                            Snapper fillets, 8 ounces each

1Tablespoon         Vegetable Oil

                              salt & pepper, to taste

Directions for Caribbean Salsa:

Adults OPEN the cans of beans and corn. Lift out and discard the lids as they
are very sharp. Strain the beans and corn in a colander and rinse well. Then
place them in a large mixing bowl.

Child Help PEEL the mango.

Adults SLICE the onion, tomatoes, red pepper, and mango.

Child DICE the onion, tomatoes, red pepper, and mango using plastic knives.

Adults It is important to supervise the children, making sure they keep their fingertips curled under and away from the knife blade. Transfer diced ingredients to the mixing bowl.

Child WASH and pat the herbs dry, then pluck off the cilantro leaves from their stems and add to the mixing bowl.

Child SQUEEZE the limes with a juicer into a measuring cup or by hand right into the bowl. Make sure you get every bit of juice squeezed out—or use more limes to yield about 1/3 cup.

Child After the diced ingredients have been added along with the lime juice and cilantro, add the pineapple juice to taste, mixing well with a wooden spoon. Add salt to taste, seasoning with more salt and drops of pineapple juice as necessary. (Optional) Serve as a dip with tortilla chips.

Directions for Steamed Snapper:

Child Prepare the bamboo steamer and oil each chamber’s bottom surface so the fish will not stick. If using a metal steamer, oil it as well on the side where you will lay down the fish.

Adult Heat about an inch of water in a pot large enough to fit the bamboo or metal  steamer with your fillets inside. The water must be simmering before you add the fish.

Adult Season the fillets and transfer them, skin side down, with a long-handled spatula, into the bamboo steamer chambers or metal steamer.

Child Cover the steamer and cook approximately 6 minutes, or until fish is cooked through, opaque and flaky.

Adult Open the steamer with an oven mitt and tongs.

Adult Serve immediately with Caribbean salsa.  Some children will not want the salsa on the fish; it can be served on top or on the side.

Variations by Season:


  • Vary the type of beans.
  • Dice up root vegetables such as beet or
    turnip to add sweetness and crunch.
  • Add other tropical fruits with or in place of the mango: fresh pineapple, papaya, star fruit.


  • ​Kiwi Strawberries
  • Jicama and Mint


  • ​Diced stone fruit: peaches, nectarines
  • Pear and basil or oregano